# Configuration

There is no specific configuration for this theme.
However, as we're extending the default theme you can configure all of their options.

Find out more on the default theme config page
All these config can be added to your .vuepress/config.js file under the key themeConfig.

Also, if you want to change the color palette, you can modify your .vuepress/styles/palette.styl.
The available variables are (including the default theme ones):

// colors
$accentColor = #3eaf7c
$textColor = #3b454e
$titleColor = #242a31
$borderColor = #eaecef
$sidebarHeaderColor = #697179
$sidebarBgColor = #f5f7f9
$lightDelimiterColor = #e6ecf1
$codeBgColor = #282c34
$arrowBgColor = #ccc
$badgeTipColor = #42b983
$badgeWarningColor = darken(#ffe564, 35%)
$badgeErrorColor = #DA5961

// layout
$navbarHeight = 4rem
$sidebarWidth = 18.625rem
$contentWidth = 740px
$homePageWidth = 960px

// responsive breakpoints
$MQNarrow = 959px
$MQMobile = 719px
$MQMobileNarrow = 419px